Honey of our Dark Bee

Honey of our Dark Bee, easily recognizable by the unique label of DarkBee.org

Not all honey bees are the same. In total there are 26 different honey bees, subspecies of Apis mellifera to be more precise, of which each of them has her own natural habitat. The Dark Bee (Apis mellifera mellifera), also known as Mellifera, is the only honey bee that naturally occurred in Belgium and the Netherlands! However, since the end of the 19th century many beekeepers import non-native honey bees because they would produce more honey. This import of invasive alien honey bees has led to the massive downfall of our Dark bee. Nowadays she is seriously threatened with extinction.

The Dark Bee (© Dylan Elen)

DarkBee.org tries to save this ecologically highly valuable insect from extinction. That is extremely important, not only in the context of biodiversity conservation, but also for the development of sustainable beekeeping which is in balance with nature.


The beekeepers affiliated to DarkBee.org do their utmost best to give our only native honey bee a bright future again. Via the unique label Honey of our Dark Bee from DarkBee.org you can now consciously purchase your honey from a beekeeper who helps saving our Dark bee. This way you directly contribute to the conservation of our endangered native honey bee. Honey of our Dark Bee is therefore much more than just honey from a local beekeeper! The map below gives an up-to-date overview of where you can buy Honey of our Dark Bee, this network is growing steadily! In addition, you can always send a message for more information.